Integrative Cancer Care 3 Month Program

For those seeking a synergistic, holistic approach during conventional treatment. You will receive personalized recommendations to combat side effects, decrease toxicity, and learn your unique nutritional needs during treatment. This is a rolling program that includes any combination of the following:

What's Included:

  • Visits with Dr. Amy: once every 3 weeks with access to the messaging portal for all concerns in between visits
  • Functional lab assessment of nutritional status
  • $1000 supplement bank
  • Eight-week modifiable fitness program as appropriate
  • Audiofile -Guided Meditations for Cancer Survivors
  • Optional add-on for Precision Medicine Testing

Client Testimonials

“As someone who has seen many doctors for years as I battled depression and anxiety, I can say it is rare to be HEARD by one’s physician. YOU are the exception! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening, caring, and helping me through one of the darkest times of my life. I now have something I haven’t had before…HOPE!”
Billy Graphic Designer Fountain Hills, AZ

My 3 month CT scan this week was NORMAL!!! Also, my HgA1c diabetes marker has dropped from 7.2down to 6.3 since making these healthy changes to my diet, and have also lost 13 pounds so far.
Jackie, stage IV endometrial and ovarian cancer survivor

After receiving a diagnosis of Prostate Cancer I began to search for alternative and Holistic treatments, rather than the standard invasive treatment recommendations from my Urologist. I contacted Dr. Loschert and soon began her Integrative Wellness Program. The Program help me make necessary changes to my lifestyle and diet, while increasing my level of exercise and knowledge related to what we all eat. After four months, I am happy to report these results:I feel great and have a very high energy level. I have lost 30 pounds. My Blood pressure is reduced from (180/100) to (135/85). My PSA went from 6.29 to .027. Note ( All credit for the PSA reduction cannot be attributed to the Wellness Program, as I did have a FLA Procedure in October, but I am convinced that my lifestyle changes contributed to the improvement). I am fortunate and happy to have found Dr. Amy and Elemental Health, and thank her, the Admin staff and my Health Coach for improving my life!
Ken W., Prostate Cancer Survivor, Cary, NC

Next Steps

A program will be crafted for you by Dr. Loschert and explained in detail during an Initial Consultation along with pricing and payment options.

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