4 Month Restoration Program

For anyone seeking to support their digestive or hormonal imbalances especially if toxicity/inflammation may be the cause. This is a group coaching-based program where you will receive guidance and feedback inside a safe, results-driven support system all present for one another mentally, physically and spiritually.

What's Included:

  • Comprehensive educational curriculum including structured cleanse and diet
  • Bi-monthly private group coaching sessions for support and accountability
  • Wholesale pricing for one metabolic test: hormone, toxicity, comprehensive gut profile, or multi-nutrient
  • Two individual sessions with your personal health coach or practitioner
  • $1000 supplement bank to address imbalances
  • An 8-week modifiable fitness regimen
  • Optional add-on for blood-based circulating tumor cell remission testing
  • Monthly live video podcasts with Dr. Amy
  • Membership in our private support page community
  • Digital binder of reference materials, including recipes, menus, and resources

Client Testimonials

“Through testing I was able to figure out why it is so hard for me to get out of bed in the morning and sleep through the night and no longer have to take Trazadone. I have so much more energy during the day. My focus and ability to stay on task has noticeably improved to the point that I painted 13 pictures for Christmas presents, and I haven’t painted in years! Not to mention I don’t take Claritin anymore for the constant runny nose I used to have, and I don’t need to take magnesium anymore to have a bowel movement. Even on estrogen blockers I have lost 17 pounds, which lifted the sluggishness I felt. I am extremely pleased with my results.”
Kathy   Retired, breast cancer survivor

“I found this program following a major battle with cancer treatment. I was searching for answers on why I was feeling worse; when I thought I should be feeling better. No one prepares you for your life after cancer. You are so busy with interventions that it’s easy to feel alone and misunderstood. This team will help you dig deep, I’m talking cellular-deep, to find your way to a better you! I really felt heard, capable, inspired and was quickly responded to and met each step of the way! This is a program that will not only impact your future in a positive way within a driven environment. It is jam packed with educational, group support, and resources. You are able to impact, direct, and change your life wherever you are in your journey.

My quality of life was changed in a very positive manner! I saw changes in my mental clarity, weight, sleeping habits, mood, and ambition. I have made many stronger choices in environment, food sources, cooking, and relationships. So dive in, ask questions, find answers, and then live and share! This program is not only an investment in you, but also your future!”
Dawn C., surgical nurse, breast cancer survivor, Minnesota

“The program taught me a lot about healthy lifestyle that I didn’t know before. It also gave me a step-by-step pathway for making changes, all with the support of Dr. Amy and Paula, my health coach. The lifestyle changes and changes in thinking have me on a different track now, a much healthier one. I feel like this program is a great investment for my future. My original “why,” at the beginning of the program was: “I want to get healthy so that there is no recurrence of cancer or other health issues.” The cancer already happened, but I now have the tools to make the best effort to prevent the recurrence of cancer and to prevent other chronic diseases caused by lifestyle.”
Jeanette C., breast cancer survivor

Next Steps

A program will be crafted for you by Dr. Loschert and explained in detail during an Initial Consultation along with pricing and payment options.

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