Transformational Healing 6 Month Program

The ultimate personalized approach for those seeking relief from multiple long-term or more serious health conditions with or without a history of cancer. A great fit for those undergoing treatment who want to be supported during and after care.

What's Included:

  • Comprehensive educational curriculum including structured diet and cleanse
  • Bi-monthly one-on-one health coaching sessions to discover underlying issues and receive strategic support to assure your success
  • Four group integration sessions to celebrate breakthroughs and provide clarity
  • Three formal visits with Dr. Amy
  • Clinically guided cleanse
  • Two comprehensive metabolic tests and/or a personalized digestive and lifestyle assessment
  • Optional add-on Precision Medicine or Remission Testing
  • 8 week modifiable fitness program
  • $1500 in supplements
  • Monthly live video podcasts with Dr. Amy
  • Full digital binder of reference materials, including recipes and resources

Client Testimonials

“I started working with Dr. Loschert 2 mos. prior to completing my radiation treatment for breast cancer. She guided me on the proper supplements and diet to prevent radiation related fatigue and reduce treatment toxicity. I moved into the wellness program afterwards and since I have started working with the coaches and following the curriculum I have lost 6 pounds in the last 5 weeks and I am actually telling people when they ask me how I am doing that “I feel normal again!”
Suzanne Nurse Practitioner/College Professor, Breast Cancer survivor, McKinney, TX

“I came into this program with no energy, no stamina, obesity, pre-diabetic, severe brain fog, lipomas covering both my arms, joint pain, stiffness, poor eating habits, and several digestive issues. Just one month into this program, I felt like I’d gotten my life back. Dr. Loschert and Carissa, my Ayurvedic Counselor, worked hard to tailor a program that worked for me. I feel better now than I have in years. I have so much energy, it feels like a miracle!”
Terry C, 71

“I was unsure I could do it, but with my supportive husband, wonderful coaches and Dr. Loschert’s attention and expertise, I have lost 27 pounds since treatment and my body and muscle weakness has dissolved as well as relief from the joint pain every morning. I wanted to become a trainer before being diagnosed with cancer, and never thought it would be possible since I was so deconditioned, fat and toxic after treatment. I went for my first run yesterday since being diagnosed and feel fantastic! My gas and bloating have resolved with the therapeutic supplements I was placed on, and I had suffered from that for years. I feel that even if my cancer does come back one day I am in better shape to fight it than I ever was before. Achieving health has brought me confidence and strength, which are the best gifts I could have given myself. It was worth every penny!”
Tina EMT, Stage 3 Breast Cancer survivor, Iowa

“When I started the program I was 8 months out from cancer treatment. I wanted to heal my body and get stronger. I also needed to lose weight and hormones were completely crazy. Now I’m 6 months into this program. So far I have developed a much healthier way of eating. I’ve lost 30 pounds. I exercise 5 days a week(before this I never exercised). The supplements I take now have given me more energy and I can tell my hormones are less out of whack. My oncologist is very pleased with the results of the scan I had just last week. Anyone dealing with health issues, lack of energy, digestion problems or just not feeling the best you should be feeling would benefit from this program. Don’t let cost get in your way, pay now or pay later. I wish I had known about this program sooner, so glad I know now.”
Marlene, Childcare Attendant, Cervical cancer survivor, Indiana

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A program will be crafted for you by Dr. Loschert and explained in detail during an Initial Consultation along with pricing and payment options.

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