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Conventional oncology treatment focuses soley on killing cancer cells. Our approach focuses on reversing the epigenetic influences that lead to inflammation and DNA mutation in the first place. At Elemental Health, we seek to identify the root causes behind your cancer diagnosis, symptoms from treatment, and other chronic diseases, and then we craft a multi-modal care plan personalized to you.

Our Core

Values of Care


An Integrative Approach

What does it mean to take a true integrative approach? An integrative approach includes a well-rounded team of practitioners all working together to help you overcome illness and prevent further disease.

Your clinicians should know and be open to your wishes when it comes to taking care of your health. The more they can work together, both conventional doctors and naturopathic alike, the better served you are. Saying no to either approach in favor of just one will likely lead to less successful results. Working with professionals simultaneously with different tools and philosophies will help you get the best of both worlds and leads to a healthier outcome.


A Personalized Clinical Approach

Each of us is unique in how we were raised, what we inherited genetically, and the different ways our bodies process food and hormones. It is very difficult to pinpoint why any one person gets cancer. Similarly, there is no one path to freedom from recurrence because every case of cancer is different depending on the person who has it.

There is no one-size-fits-all treatment, diet, or supplement regimen that will lead to achieving the level of health necessary to prevent recurrence. We help you figure out what imbalances were present in the most instrumental areas of your body leading up to cancer.


A Clear Care Path Forwards

Once we understand your unique situation and biological factors, such as other conditions you may have suffered from along with cancer and what other stressors are present, we can craft a clear, personalized healing path. Once these are addressed using a time-tested method to restore function to your system, then you can confidently move forward with renewed energy, strength, and self-confidence. Once you find the right mentor, you will know exactly how you should be living, eating and behaving to achieve true freedom versus someone else with the same diagnosis. We’ll help you get to the root cause and follow through with an individualized care plan based on your unique imbalances and goals.


Proactive, Effective Health Care

Did you know that the average 45 year old American takes 4 prescription medications a day? Even worse, if you are between 65-69 that number increases to 15! Sadly, this model aims to “manage symptoms,” not treat the root cause of why you are ill. It is time to take back control of our health to prevent what seems an inevitable downward spiral of dis-ease as we age within a “sick care system” vs. a true healthcare system. At Elemental Health, we are trained to use healing methods that support your body’s holistic, innate healing intelligence. We use the latest laboratory technology to see where the most influential imbalances lie and implement a care plan to reverse damage, restore optimal function, and prevent downstream disability. Thus, there is no need for medications and no room for cancer or any other of the top chronic diseases so many are dying from in this country.

Elemental Health is a marriage of modern science and research coupled with the wisdom of ancient, time-tested traditional medicine and philosophy.

My Story Continued...

My professional career started in 2003 as a licensed naturopathic physician where I spent ten years in private practice as a primary care practitioner. After many patient hours, advanced training, and a rigorous examination, I became a Fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology and licensed as a naturopathic integrative oncologist, a credential held by around 100 physicians in all of North America.

I have a passion for helping people live their most healthy and fulfilling lives where one can achieve anything they want. Cancer patients and survivors are especially poised and inspired to reach for this in their lives, and thus, ironically, I’ve heard many times that a person’s diagnosis of cancer was a “blessing in disguise” or “wake up call” to prioritize themselves and what is most important to them.

In my career, I have observed that when we focus on preventive health, living a life of intention, and loving ourselves deeply for all that we are and all that we aren’t, we can achieve balance and a sense of having returned to the once perfect state that is our true North.

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