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About Elemental Health

Conventional oncology treatment focuses soley on killing cancer cells. Our approach focuses on reversing the epigenetic influences that lead to inflammation and DNA mutation in the first place.  At Elemental Health, we seek to identify the root causes behind your cancer diagnosis, symptoms from treatment, and other chronic diseases, and then we craft a multi-modal care plan personalized to you.

Our Core

Values Of Care


An Integrative Approach

Unlike conventional medical care, we first help patients heal and then empower them with the knowledge and tools to avoid many of the pitfalls that created their cancer diagnosis in the first place. No matter where you are right now... with our expert guidance you can heal and lead a vibrant life!

Cancer is not a single disease and has no single cure. We need to focus on improving your body's metabolic pathways - and to that, we first must understand what is happening within your body (through functional testing, symptom paterns, etc.). Your body's terrain requires support in a different way than others with your same diagnisis, so cookie-cutter protocols will only get you so far. Taking an integrative approach means 1+1=3. Meaning, using the best that traditional anti-cancer medicine can offer combined with raising the body's overall level of function and wellness is what leads to true health freedom and much greater outcomes than doing either approach by itself.


Personalized Care

Not only is each patient biologically unique, their illness is unique too. There are so many factors that may be to blame for your illness – from lifestyle choices, food choices, allergies and even toxins in your immediate environment... plus let's not forget mindset (which plays a big role in your health).

After your initial intake, we may conduct further specialty lab tests (that your current doctor may not even know about). Plus, we also use other digestive assessment tools to see a clearer picture of your health so we can accurately craft a program that fits your specific needs.


Co-Creating Health

Changing your lifestyle may seem daunting, but we teach you how to use mindset tools to overcome stubborn habits that aren't serving you. We make the prospect of becoming healthy "fun" and have a wide range of tools in place to support you during your health transformation and beyond.

We also leverage health coaching and online education to support you and hold you accoutable so your new healing lifestyle practices become sustainably integrated into your everyday life.


Dedicated Attention

In your typical 7-minute doctor's visit, there is little time to understand the depth of your illness... let alone the contributing factors that may have caused it.

During our comprehensive intake process, we take the time both on the phone and through video conference to conduct a thorough interview to understand exactly what you are seeking help with and what potential obstacles to your success may be. This review includes your past medical history, your past and present diet, stress levels, and your motivations for change. The time has come to give your health the attention it deserves, and from the moment you begin your journey with us at intake until the end of your program our team is 100% dedicated to supporting your success.


Root Cause Resolution

Cancer is a metabolic disease. To keep it from returning, it is important to address the broken metabolic processes that triggered the condition in the first place. We always focuses on getting to the root causes of your illness. We also examine the key cellular imbalances that are responsible for virtually all symptoms you’re experiencing right now.

Also known as functional medicine, our care is so effective because we focus on dealing with the "up-stream" catalyst of cancer and other chronic illnesses – including toxicity in your home or work-place, potential food intolerances and allergies, gut & hormonal imbalances, along with mindset issue that all determine how healthy you are to date.


Effective Treatments

Did you know that the average 45 year old American takes 4 prescription medications a day? Even worse, if you are between 65-69 that number increases to 15!* That means many health care practitioners are using tools to fight disease that have the opposite effect of making us sicker and requiring us to take even more medications as we age. It is time to take back control of our health and be responsible for learning what we can do to prevent what seems and inevitable downward spiral of health as we age.

At Elemental Health, we are trained to use tools that support your body's innate healing intelligence that don't cause further side effects. We use the latest laboratory technology to see where your body has been affected most by the stressors it has encountered and implement evidence-based and time tested tools that work with your body and not against it to reverse the direction of disease and keep you free of needless medications as you age.

Elemental Health is a marriage of modern science and research coupled with the wisdom of ancient, time-tested traditional medicine and philosophy.

My Story Continued…

My professional career started in 2003 as a licensed naturopathic physician where I spent ten years in private practice as a primary care practitioner. After many patient hours, advanced training and a rigorous examination, I became a Fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology and licensed as a naturopathic integrative oncologist, a credential held by around 100 physicians in all of North America.

I have a passion for helping people live their most healthy and fulfilling lives where one can achieve anything they want. Cancer patients and survivors are especially poised and inspired to reach for this in their lives, and thus, ironically, I’ve heard many times that a person’s diagnosis of cancer was a “blessing in disguise” or “wake up call” to prioritize themselves and what is most important to them.

In my career, I have observed that when we focus on preventive health, living a life of intention, and loving ourselves deeply for all that we are and all that we aren’t, we can achieve balance and a sense of having returned to the once perfect state that is our true North.

Mission Statement

We are an agent of change in the healthcare movement aimed at eradicating our country’s most deadly diseases from a paradigm of prevention, conscious living and empowered action.

Elemental Health is a business birthed out of deep respect for all of the inhabitants of the earth; people and planet. I will only partner or recommend companies whose missions and actions are rooted in socially and environmentally conscious manufacturing, production and investment. Choosing as many locally sourced products that are wild or organic are ideal. We work with organizations who protect our natural resources by not overharvesting plant medicines and food in the wild, controlling the growth of invasive plant species and supporting agricultural biodiversity in order to sustain valuable ecosystems.

As someone who has seen many doctors for years as I battled depression and anxiety, I can say it is rare to be HEARD by one’s physician. YOU are the exception! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening, caring, and helping me through one of the darkest times of my life. I now have something I haven’t had before…HOPE!

- Billy Graphic Designer, Fountain Hills, AZ

No matter what I tried for the past 9 years I have weighed well over 200 pounds, and I weighed this morning and after just one month I am 197.7!! I have finally broken it! Thank you so much to the entire team for helping me make this happen. It makes me so happy that I am on my way to optimal health again.

- Karen, Retired, two-time breast cancer survivor Manchester, Tennessee

Great News…My 3 month CT scan this week was NORMAL!!! Also, my HgA1c diabetes marker has dropped from 7.2 down to 6.3 since making these healthy changes to my diet, and have also lost 13 pounds so far. I am so excited and full of energy that I have started painting again! Thank you so much!

- Andrea Professional Artist, Stage IV endometrial and ovarian cancer survivor Santa Fe, NM

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