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Detox & Weight loss

Understanding unique nutritional deficiencies and the optimal detoxification support needed for your body is a crucial aspect for optimal health and weight loss.

About Detox and Weight Loss

Metabolic changes are common following all types of treatment. Breast and prostate cancer therapies even slow metabolism making it harder to lose weight. Doing the activities that led to weight loss in the past no longer work due to this change in metabolism. Other causes include steroids from treatment, estrogen blockers, immobility following surgery, fatigue, depression, underlying metabolic issues, and suboptimal detox pathways. People who have a history of obesity have a harder time mentally and physically due to the quick onset of weight gain during treatment that is now often coupled with crippling fatigue.

By first focusing on restoring integrity to the gut lining and restoring balance to the microbiome and other organs of elimination, one can tolerate a gentle cleanse. During this phase the body can release toxins and other harmful substances from the lymph, liver, fat cells that don’t serve us. Detox is an important step in freeing the body up to be able to lose weight since most toxins are fat soluble and stored in fat. Significant weight loss and improved energy and brain fog is achieved early on in our client’s programs once these functional blockages have been released.

Advanced cancers and cancers in the GI tract and abdomen can lead to marked weight loss and even muscle loss that nutritional and metabolic support is key to overcoming. Symptoms of treatment such as mouth sores, lack of appetite or taste changes can also impact one’s ability to swallow or eat food. By looking at each person’s unique digestive and body type we can make recommendations that will not only reverse the metabolic dysfunction and relieve symptoms but be able to set guidelines for an appropriate diet based on the individual and not a standard one-size-fits-all diet.

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