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Elemental Health would love to be your partner towards a better, more vibrant life.  Provided below are some answers to our frequently asked questions. 

Scheduling & Visits

Dr. Loschert and the Elemental Health support staff live in North Carolina, but the nutritional staff and health coaches live in other areas of the US. We have a completely virtual practice so we offer our unique approach and expertise to people in all states and even some in other countries who don’t have access to this specialized type of care.

Billing & Insurance

We are not a primary care physician. Our members maintain a relationship with their existing PCP to take care of acute requests and/or manage their diagnoses.

Everyone’s program is different depending on the length of time a program is recommended. All programs include an educational component, health coaching mentorship, provider visits, functional lab testing and supplementation that is covered under one investment price you are told during an initial consultation visit once the doctor is able to view your paperwork and design a program that best fits your goals and current state of health.

Since this is a wellness program and insurance doesn’t see wellness care as medically necessary it is not covered. You are not being treated for any particular “diagnosis” within the context of our wellness programs, but functional testing does uncover imbalances of several different systems of the body that give you answers as to why you feel the way you do (fatigue, insomnia, chronic digestive problems, etc.). All testing is priced wholesale, so what the doctor is charged by the lab is what you are charged. Ultimately you pay less for testing inside of a program than you would pay through insurance.

General Questions

An Integrative practitioner straddles both the conventional and natural medical fields. As a naturopathic integrative oncologist, I have worked alongside medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and surgeons who prescribe anti-cancer treatment. My team recommends specific supplements and dietary changes that will help prevent/mitigate damage to healthy tissues that lead to side effects while undergoing treatment. In survivorship programs, practice members benefit from my understanding of what systems were most impacted by their past treatment to be able to recommend natural therapies that will support healing in those areas and lead to greater function of the digestive, hormonal and detoxification systems, thus leading to more energy and reduced reliance on medications or supplements to offset ongoing imbalances.

No. I work with people who don’t want cancer but may have other conditions like diabetes or obesity they are aware of that may lead to it down the road. Maybe there is a strong family history and you want to learn how to prevent cancer through healthier lifestyle, eating, reversing hormonal imbalances, sugar addiction and weight loss. A lot of spouses do programs with their partners to support one another as it truly benefits everyone to become more knowledgeable about one’s health and be mentored through making positive changes together.

Functional testing looks at different tissues of the body than typical testing you would get at your doctor’s office because the goal is to see where the underlying deficiencies in function stem from and be able to create a plan of action to reverse the damage it has caused and restore proper function. The body has an innate healing potential but without knowledge as to how you should direct supplementation or diet to reverse symptoms you are just “throwing spaghetti at a wall hoping you are doing the right thing.” Stool, saliva and whole blood are used to discover what your body has actually absorbed and metabolized to give you a better picture of your state of health and unearth toxicity, imbalances in detoxification and digestion, absorption issues, nutrient depletion and inflammatory activity in different areas that lead to higher mutational burden, hormonal symptoms and side effects.

No. There are certain medications like estrogen blockers and other maintenance drugs your oncologist has placed you on as part of your longer term preventive care plan you should stay on. Certain medications like to lower cholesterol or blood pressure should be taken until they are no longer needed, which is often the case with most people we work with. Most people are able to take the supplements recommended in their programs concurrently with their medications without interference or contraindication.

Many people I work with are very healthy coming in but are looking for the next level of knowledge that they can’t find on the internet about what to eat or take specifically for themselves. By taking an individualized approach with each member we are able to do testing that unearths your unique deficiencies and conditions that need to be addressed. A comprehensive, multi-modal plan for you is developed around this, which leads to an even higher level of function, knowledge and peace of mind knowing you have “left no stone unturned” when it comes to doing everything in your power to prevent recurrence and going through toxic and damaging treatment again, often times for the rest of your life if metastatic.

I do not take everyone as a practice member into our programs just because they want to work with me. Thus, only people who are truly committed to their health and know what motivates them are accepted into our programs. Mental state is everything when it comes to your success regardless of the goal or the plan you follow. The structure and unique model through which our health success formula is delivered works for over 90% of the people we have accepted, and there has been no one who hasn’t achieved greater health. We see our programs as life-saving opportunities and take our commitment to our practice members reaching their goals very seriously.

We do not recommend you use our programs as a treatment for cancer or any other diagnosis you have been given. The goal of our programs is to increase the overall level of function and health in your body while reducing inflammation, mutational burden and free you from the reliance on the “sick-care system” in the future. This is accomplished through educating and empowering you how to eat, live and maintain a lifestyle focused on health and wellness. Your body works holistically as an orchestra comprised of many complex yet related mechanisms. You can take a proactive approach to your health and see results at any age or stage of disease. However, our programs are not meant to “treat’ any condition or replace the advice and recommendations of your medical doctor.

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