Hormones, Weight, and Inflammation: Free In-Person Event with Dr. Amy Loschert, ND, FABNO

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Date and Time: Tuesday May 28th, arrive at 5:45pm EST, seminar begins at 6pm EST

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Webinar Description

Are you dealing with chronic health symptoms and struggling to find answers?

You’re not alone. Many people experience symptoms such as low-to-no energy, weight gain, brain fog, and digestive issues. Despite what you may have been told, these are reversible with the right plan. Waiting for spontaneous recovery does not work.

Feeling lost in a sea of conflicting advice?

I am a board-certified naturopathic integrative oncologist and functional wellness expert, and have helped hundreds of people sort through the right mindset, diet, and supplements unique to them to meet their health goals.

At my in-person event, you’ll learn:

  • Why changes you’ve already made haven’t led to long-term results
  • More about how Dr. Amy and her team utilize a WHOLE BODY approach to health, instead of treating just the surface symptoms
  • If our unique expertise and model is a good fit for you
  • Action steps you can take RIGHT NOW towards ideal health!
  • The 4 most important aspects of attaining and maintaining Whole Person Health
  • The most important factor to unlock your body’s innate healing capability

If any of this sounds helpful to you, I urge you to register for my presentation today.

Everyone will learn something new they can incorporate into their routine for better health TODAY.

Dr. Loschert, who is board-certified in naturopathic integrative oncology, has helped numerous individuals navigate post-treatment challenges, autoimmune diseases, and chronic health conditions. She encourages everyone to register for the seminar as there will be valuable insights for better health that participants can incorporate into their routines right away.

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