Once is enough, Twice is too much!

Once is enough, Twice is too much!

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, and even when you’ve had complete treatment, there is still a huge possibility of recurrence. 


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Therefore, it is important that we know how we can take care of ourselves from a lifestyle perspective and also how to get rid of, or how to deal with maybe long or short term effects of cancer and its treatment. A lot of people would want to prevent recurrence who’ve had cancer. I mean, who wouldn’t. 

When you feel a new bump or a new pain, you wonder, is this cancer coming back? And that can be really scary. So this is for all of you out there who want to become more empowered to learn about information, to help set you on a course and a trajectory moving forward to prevent a recurrence.

I want to talk to you today about three important tips to strengthen your immune system.

It’s not exactly what you’re going to get from the health food store for tips, but stick around to the end because you’re going to learn some really valuable information today, that’s exclusive to all of you.

The first thing I want to do is tell you about a story of a practice member of mine who is really suffering immunologically. She pleaded with me for help. Her name was Bonnie and she came to me when she was 70 years old and she had been diagnosed with a very rare malignant type of lung cancer.

This was at the beginning of COVID. She was really scared to go outside because she was suffering from a disease that did not have a good prognosis. There was a virus running around that could potentially infect her lungs, and she already couldn’t breathe very well because of all of the buildup of fluid in her lungs.

She pleads with me, “now, what can I do to protect my immune system and fight off this cancer at the same time?”

Granted Bonnie’s case is unique, but I’ve worked with hundreds of people to strengthen their immune systems with just the tips I’m going to be talking to you about today. 

  1. Protect the inside of your body. What I mean, that I’m saying we have a whole ecosystem that lives in our colon called our microbiome. They create antibodies for us, they create byproducts from the foods we eat that they metabolize that then help to repair our bodies in ways that they’ve been damaged and prevent further mutation that leads to cancer down the road.

Protecting our good flora from dying from stressors, from antibiotics, from chemotherapy, emotional stress becomes one of the most important things you can do to protect your immune system because they fight day in and day out to help keep our immune systems strong and again, create antibodies to help fight off infection.

What foods can we eat to help promote natural killer cell activity in the body and also help protect that beneficial flora?

  • Mushrooms.Any kind of mushrooms. Shitake mushrooms, reishi mushrooms, even white button mushrooms that you get at the store. They’re also high in vitamin D that’s a really important vitamin to help protect our immune system.


  • Fiber. Fiber comes from seeds and nuts and legumes and a wide variety of green vegetables like we know broccoli and asparagus and greens, but those vegetables that are more starchy also contain certain fiber that’s unique to them from the colored vegetables like Beats and sweet potatoes and carrots. 


These are all contributing to creating a greater variety of bacteria in our gut. The more variety of microbiome we have, the healthier our immune is going to be. Protecting our inside environment is really important to have a healthy immune system.

Do you know where more than 85% of our immune system lies? It lies in the gut. Therefore, it’s important to protect the gut and support the beneficial bacteria that then support us to feed the strength of our immune system, moving forward. 


  1. Essential oils. Essential oils, especially from the forest, like pine and eucalyptus, and Juniper. These are oils that contain certain constituents that have anti-microbial and antiseptic properties that when sprayed into the air can help neutralize those sub-atomic particles called viruses, that get into our immune system, that get into our lungs that get into our gut, that can then wreak havoc and prevent us from having a strong immune system to fight off disease.

You can also put essential oils into a spray bottle and put some distilled vinegar, some distilled water, shake it up and then spray around your house. On your countertops, on your doorknobs, clean your bathroom with it. This is a great way of neutralizing any particular infectious microbes that are lingering in your environment. So protecting the outside where you live and breathe, as well as the inside becomes really important. 

  1. Deep breathing exercises. We know that deep breathing helps reduce the proteins that lead to inflammation in the body. It reduces stress. It improves the numbers of the killer cells in our bodies that we know are anti-bodies and disease-fighting proteins in our body. The most important thing you can do is even just for 10 minutes, twice a day if you can work up to it, breathe through your nose, into your diaphragm. Allow the air to fill your lower abdomen, your middle lung space, and then your upper lung space, and really visualize these areas and feel the expansion in all those areas and then hold your breath at the top and then release in the opposite direction. Allow the air to release from the top of your lungs, through the middle of your lungs, and then feel the relaxation in the lower abdomen on the exhale. And then do it again. Inhale through the nose, expand the lower abdomen, et cetera.


And if you can do this for 10 minutes a day, you’re actually allowing more oxygenation of the tissues of the whole entire body. Just think about what improved oxygenation to the cells of the entire body can do for you. It increases toxin removal from those cells. It increases energy production via ATP protection in our cells, so that we have more energy to get through our day.


It allows our digestive system to more properly absorb the nutrients we need to turn into and transform into ourselves. So I can’t speak enough about the benefit of deep breathing when it comes to strengthening our immune system and staving off disease. Moving forward.

After following these three tips that I gave to Bonnie, what she noticed along with some other clinical recommendations I gave her, was that her appetite started to increase. She started to gain weight and she actually had a return of her energy. 

Return of energy and gaining weight are two Cardinal signs of improved wellness and health overall for anyone. 

So my question to you is, what do you suffer from? That an improved immune system could help you with. If you feel like this information has been helpful and you want to learn more and interact with me and be part of a supportive group of people who are like-minded to learn how to stave off cancer, how does a release support your body from a lifetime of diseases that’s in our health care industry now,  I encourage you to join my Facebook group page, it’s a private Facebook group page called Healthier After Cancer.


DISCLAIMER:  The information in this email is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content is for general informational purposes only and does not replace a consultation with your own doctor/health professional 


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