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Explore our dynamic array of elemental health programs designed to enrich your holistic well-being. Dive into transformative programs, immersive courses, and specialized resources meticulously crafted to nurture balance and vitality in mind, body, and spirit. Uncover a wealth of knowledge and practical tools to embark on your journey towards optimal wellness.

Elements of Ayurveda 8 Week Intensive

4 Month Restoration Program

Transformational Healing 6 Month Program

Integrative Cancer Care 3 Month Program

Next Steps

Our programs are highly individualized, but generally, around $1000 a month is typical, and depending on the program’s level of one-on-one support and included testing it may be more or less.

Initial Consultation with Dr. Amy

Schedule an Initial Consultation Zoom visit with Dr. Amy Loschert before joining any program. This consultation is essential as it allows Dr. Loschert to understand your current concerns, answer any questions you may have, and discuss the next best steps to take towards enrolling in a program that suits your needs.

Free Wellness Call

Not ready to schedule a visit yet but have specific questions? Please schedule a free 15 minute Wellness Call with a member of our team here with the link to the free Wellness Evaluation. You have that link too right?


Healthy & Delicious Dairy-Free Choices EBook

Price: US $20.00

If you’re desiring to reduce or remove dairy from your diet, this eBook provides an excellent foundation of knowledge to get started with healthy plant-based alternatives, recipes, and tips for keeping your meals delicious and satisfying.

What's on Your Plate? Ebook

Price: US $15.00

We often hear, you are what you eat, but more accurately, you are what you digest. This eBook takes the guesswork out of what and how much to eat. Learn how to eat to strengthen digestion and achieve optimal health.

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