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Pain & Neuropathy

Pain and neuropathy are typically signs of inflammation in the body and must be addressed in order to improve the chances of preventing cancer recurrence or advancement into other chronic diseases.

About Pain and Neuropathy

Pain is commonly experienced by people after all types of trauma both physical and emotional. Our brains actually store mental “anchors” to trauma that can lead to chronic pain syndromes. Inflammation in our bodies and stagnation of energy throughout the body can also lead to pain. Unfortunately, there is not much the Western model of care offers that gets to the route of this stagnation or need for unearthing trauma and resetting the nervous system’s anchor subsequent to inflammation and trauma. 

Pain is also a common side effect of chemotherapy and can occur anytime, but often appears afterward and can last for months. Some types of maintenance therapy taken after active treatment has ended can lead to joint pain, stiffness, and digestive problems. For instance, aromatase inhibitors can worsen underlying arthritis or weakness of any organ or system and can be triggered by toxic drugs, post-surgical changes, and weight gain causing new symptoms upon exposure. 

Neuropathy is experienced frequently by those with diabetes or who are receiving certain types of cancer treatment. It is often experienced as a sensation of tingling in feet, toes, and hands. It can also present as numbness, burning, altered sensation, and/or reduction in strength of the extremities. It affects coordination, gait, balance, and capacity for carrying out daily activities.

It is important to address any imbalances in the emunctories—organs of elimination—and to clear the passages that distribute “prana,” or life force energy, as well as reduce inflammation in the body overall through physical, emotional and spiritual practices in order to rid the body of these symptoms long term. Diet is key in restoring function to the GI tract and immune system, and many people notice an immediate improvement in their pain and neuropathy once specific changes to their diet are made, most importantly by eliminating sugar.

We test for overall levels of inflammation in the body, as well as in specific systems, as part of an overall plan at getting to the root of why it is present in the first place. Each person’s case of pain is different because every person is different. Working inside of a holistic mind-body-spirit approach to overcoming these conditions often leads to long-term relief from pain and its associated symptoms.

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