Paula DeFreitas

Health Coach

Health coaching offers Paula an opportunity to deeply connect with people on a holistic level in all aspects of their life where shift is needed, which is what made becoming a health coach an easy professional career choice to make. As a high level and well accomplished musician in the arts and as a competitive athlete she is aware of the lessons faced and the disciplined commitment necessary to perform at one’s peak. “Working with cancer survivors who are committed to attaining a higher level of health is so rewarding because I know what it feels like to achieve what you never thought was possible.”

Having battled 20 years of chronic pain with pills and misguided information, she now has become empowered with the knowledge necessary to fully accept responsibility for her own health. This struggle coupled with caring for a mother with breast cancer and chronic pulmonary disease, not knowing how to truly help her heal, led to her commitment and completion of coursework at the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. Her coursework led to a certification in Functional Medicine Health Coaching recognized by the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Her passion for “food as medicine” and nutrition next led her to take additional training under the tutelage of Dr. James Gordon at the Center of Mind Body Medicine, combined with culinary classes, which have taught her how to convey fun and creative ways to cook and eat for optimal health in life. “I am committed to listen deeply with an empathetic ear, the heart to provide the passion and love and the knowledge to guide each person I work with to a healthier, happier level of being.

Mission Statement

We are an agent of change in the healthcare movement aimed at eradicating our country’s most deadly diseases from a paradigm of prevention, conscious living and empowered action.

Elemental Health is a business birthed out of deep respect for all of the inhabitants of the earth; people and planet. I will only partner or recommend companies whose missions and actions are rooted in socially and environmentally conscious manufacturing, production and investment. Choosing as many locally sourced products that are wild or organic are ideal. We work with organizations who protect our natural resources by not overharvesting plant medicines and food in the wild, controlling the growth of invasive plant species and supporting agricultural biodiversity in order to sustain valuable ecosystems.

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