Ryan Hurst
Fitness Coach

Head Coach / Program Director

Ryan Hurst is an internationally-known expert in physical autonomy and fitness education, serving as the Head Coach and Program Director at GMB Fitness. With a career in martial arts and gymnastics that spans over four decades, Ryan brings a depth of knowledge that few can match. He’s the creative force behind GMB’s flagship program, ‘Elements,’ which The Guardian recognized as one of the best home workouts on the market.

Ryan’s coaching wisdom has been featured in Men’s Fitness and Esquire, solidifying his reputation as a thought leader in the fitness industry. With a global client base exceeding 110,000 individuals, his influence is undeniable. He’s conducted seminars in over a dozen countries, training a diverse range of people—from kids to elite paramilitary operators. Yet, his true passion lies in helping everyday adults—those juggling families and jobs—become strong, agile, and pain-free.

Ryan is particularly known for his expertise in handstands, wrist and hip mobility, and ‘animal’ locomotor exercises. His philosophy, ‘Training for a Healthy Life,’ has become a guiding light for those disenchanted with the mainstream, one-size-fits-all fitness culture.

When he’s not coaching, Ryan is a man of many interests. He’s an avid hiker, a guitar enthusiast, and a language aficionado. He’s also a dedicated father of two, and his coaching style is a unique blend of playfulness, curiosity, and intellectual rigor.

Mission Statement

We are an agent of change in the healthcare movement aimed at eradicating our country’s most deadly diseases from a paradigm of prevention, conscious living and empowered action.

Elemental Health is a business birthed out of deep respect for all of the inhabitants of the earth; people and planet. I will only partner or recommend companies whose missions and actions are rooted in socially and environmentally conscious manufacturing, production and investment. Choosing as many locally sourced products that are wild or organic are ideal. We work with organizations who protect our natural resources by not overharvesting plant medicines and food in the wild, controlling the growth of invasive plant species and supporting agricultural biodiversity in order to sustain valuable ecosystems.

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