You deserve to let off steam!

You deserve to let off steam!

Can barely get a wink?…

Feeling like biting someone’s head off from the hot flashes?…


Loosen up! Why don’t you grab your favorite drink and let’s talk about one of my favorite topics that YOU can also relate to?

Women’s Hormonal Health


And the TOP 3 Pearls of Wisdom you need to incorporate into your plan to have balance across all planes- MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT heading into menopause.


In this article, we’ll cover helpful information tailored to help cancer survivors overcome symptoms of their disease, treatment, side effects, and the anxiety that comes with having had cancer and wondering what you can do to regain control over your future health and prevent a recurrence.


So, many of my practice members are women suffering from hot flashes,  irritability, weight gain, sleeplessness, and anxiety. And for the last 19 years in practice, I have helped hundreds of them overcome symptoms, but not in ways popular today that is based on quick fixes, but by working with their body’s natural rhythms. You see, menopause is normal, but its symptoms are not.


Finding out where the imbalances are that have led to you developing symptoms at this time in your life is the first and most important step. And then using corrective measures that heal tissue and restore function is the path of health. Looking at your whole system is also a necessary step to overcome symptoms we relate to hormone imbalance. 


I came across a patient who experienced early menopause, which results in terrible hot flashes throughout the day, keeping her from being productive and concentrating on work….and end up being exhausted by mid-afternoon… 


She had tried all of the over-the-counter options available at the health food store and refused to take hormone replacement therapy because she developed breast cancer during this time and could not even consider feeding her body estrogen. Ideologically, she also just didn’t feel right about taking hormones that her own body didn’t create.


Kind of like when you take a drug and you know, it’s going to do something else to your body that you will have to deal with later. Additionally, she had a long history of constipation, regardless of how much organic vegetables and fiber she ate. She still had little to no movement each day. Enemas were her last resort and had become more common in her routine.


Think about how uncomfortable it is to not be able to release toxins and other material that doesn’t serve you. You feel sick and frustrated all the time. She just wasn’t her typical, compassionate, energetic self, and it was making her depressed. On top of that, she admitted to being a hardcore sugar addict. Able to say no for a while and then would binge and not be able to stop.


This was a pattern that had occurred throughout her whole life, making weight management, her second, most frustrating issue and aggravated by the cravings that came with hormonal changes. She came to me for help and to look for guidance and a different approach and was sick of throwing herbs and vitamins into her system with no real change.


Can you relate to any of the symptoms and the frustration this poor woman was dealing with? What things are you unable to do because of similar issues and what actions have you taken to change it?

Here are my TOP recommendations you can take action towards today to find relief from the lack of control many women feel at this time in their lives. 


  1. FOCUS on your GUT HEALTH


We are what we digest, not just what we eat. And in Jillian’s case, the years of bad eating habits, toxic buildup from not going to the bathroom, and sugar had created so much inflammation and immune disruption in her body that she was not able to digest her food properly and receive the important nutrients necessary to support her hormone-producing glands.

  1. Address your thoughts and their effect on your routine.


It’s important to recognize that self-talk is just as important as our physical body when it comes to what can be impacting our symptoms. Did you know that 90% of our thoughts throughout a day are things that are from the past, and 80% of those are NEGATIVE?

Having a support team that is both broad and deep to help you overcome unhealthy ties to past events or look at the present in a different light is key. Our thoughts affect our physical body by releasing certain hormones called neurotransmitters into the system based on the emotions that arise from our thoughts.

These trigger physical reactions in our body, such as increased blood sugar, hot flashes, and pain. Working with a therapist or a practitioner who specializes in mind-body therapy like emotional freedom technique or an emotion code practitioner can add the synergy necessary to address physical health by impacting the higher realms of your being.


  1. Functional testing is a must


Find a practitioner who can look at your metabolites. In other words, the breakdown products that your liver is making, when it breaks down your hormones. This will tell you not only how much is being produced by your body, but how much is being absorbed by the cells that use it.


And which breakdown products may be being reabsorbed by the body and doing you more harm. How will you know, if what you are doing is working, if you don’t know where you are, to begin with, or what direction to take, to see where the imbalances are in the first place. Jillian did all of these things and lo and behold, she got rid of her sugar addiction for good, by working with an emotion code practitioner.

I was able to personalize a supplement and diet regimen to address the specific imbalances that prevented her gut flora from being balanced and from being able to go to the bathroom. The gut flora also provides the necessary nutrients necessary. And in her case necessary for her to get over the hot flashes.


By the end of our time working together, she said her symptoms were so much better that she didn’t need to take anything at all. She now just takes supplements that support her liver to properly break down estrogen, to prevent buildup that could negatively impact her chances of cancer recurrence. Now she has a greater sense of self-control over her body and her mind. 

Are you at the point where you want to take a more personalized approach to your health? What has worked for you in the past and what hasn’t?

You can have the same success as Jillian! Don’t dwindle to the nasty effects of hormone imbalance!


If you have found this information of interest and have more personal questions, better addressed by me or by somebody from my team, please click the LINK to schedule a free 15-minute discovery call to see if we may be a good fit to work together to help you address these long-term imbalances in your health. 

If you are not quite ready to take action but are interested in learning more as part of a like-minded group of supportive cancer survivors, I’m also including a link below to a private Facebook group page I’ve created called HEALTHIER AFTER CANCER. Everyone is welcome as there is so much we can learn from each other and the more we participate, the more we get out of life!


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